Monday, November 5, 2012

Oooo, Oooo That smell, can't you smell that smell

Once upon a time a beautiful princess named....umm, Sarah.
Princess Sarah was gliding through her palatial chateau where she came upon, what was commonly known back then as a kitchen. A truly magical place! Therein resided many a magical creature, The Viking, The Kitchen Aid,  The Bosch and the Sub-Zero Wolf.

Princess Sarah a wonderful, gentlewoman and benevolent ruler of all she surveyed stopped briefly to admire her world. She tilted her exquisitely cute and upturned nose and sniffed. And promptly swooned towards the most expensive wood flooring in the world. Unfortunately, she knocked her head on the finely crafted cabinetry which was clad in enameled lava stone.

Poor Princess Sarah was thrust into the modern Earth world. Poor woman. Sarah now a mere mortal with a job and bills to pay realized she had no memory of opulence and wealth. Poor woman.

So anywhooo, I was going to the kitchen to get some iced tea when I detected an odor. This odor registers a number 2 in all odoriferous smells on the planet. And what did I find on my counter behind my generic food processor?
Ta daaa!!

Not a gross picture of a rotting onion!

Another Not gross picture of a rotting onion.

And finally, Another Not gross picture of a rotting onion.
But, I did find a picture of the onion just prior to the whole rotting, noxious odor grossness.


ps. not a paid endorsement of anything, for pete's sake have you even read this blog?

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  1. There are words to describe the smell from rotting onions but I'm too lady like to say them.