Monday, November 19, 2012

Stupid or Just Old?

Was I throughly confused or thOroughly confused? That is the question.

I follow quite a few blogs and occasionally comment. On a particular blog that I enjoy, I made the comment.  "I'm throughly disappointed that you shared! HA!"

Yes, I'm quite famous for my witty blog comments. Pfft....

Anywhooo, spell check flagged me. WHAT?!

The offending word was throughly. Ummm, now what? I googled that bitch word and I found that the Modern English word is thOroughly.

Seriously, I have more important things to do with my life than double check spell-check. No, I don't.

The lesson learned here was although my spelling of throughly is thOroughly archaic (Last dictionary entry was 1885) I was NOT incorrect.

So basically, I found out that I am NOT stupid, just old.

Walking dress, dinner or reception dress and visiting or home dress, Winter 1885-86 US (Philadelphia), Strawbridge and Clothier’s Quarterly
Ps. Who would have guessed J-Lo would have been knocking them dead in 1885?


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