Saturday, May 25, 2013

5 Monkeys and a Skunk

You have got to be kidding me!!!!


Well, it finally happened. One skunk, 5 monkeys. Can you guess who won?

Of course, it happened at the most convenient time. Say, 8:40 pm, Friday exactly. And I know this why?
Because, my dear friends, that's when I received a text saying that company was on the way.


The short version of the story goes like this.....

Monkeys raising a ruckus in their fenced area.

Lily comes in, jumps on my bed, stinking to high heaven and rolling around in the sheets.

I jump up, get her out of the room, grab the sheets and throw them in the family room.

Crapfest!!! I don't hear any of the monkeys.

Monkeys have broken out of the fence.

I close the pet door so Lily can't get back out.

I grab a flashlight and start calling monkeys.

Baby Z was caught first.

Snoopy came close then ran off with Samson.

I grabbed Puggies. Got him in the house.

Three down two to go.

Chased Snoopy all over hell and creation, finally got him in the house.

Where the hell is Samson???

I see his eyes reflecting in the light of the flashlight. Well, I hoped it was Samson, as he would not come when called.

I wade, just under a quarter of a mile, through thigh high vegetation to find

Samson sitting next to the skunk.

Skunk is dead.

Headlights now coming up the driveway. Guests have arrived.

Get Samson in the house.

I stink, the monkeys stink and the house stinks.

Oh, I almost forgot. The vomit, monkey vomit on the floors.

I can't put the monkeys outside, as now they know they can break through the fence.

Oh, and I have to work a full day Saturday.

When I come home there will be multiple baths for all the monkeys.

No winners here.

And I am the BIGGEST LOSER of them all.

Truly a memorable Memorial weekend!!!



  1. Oh, I feel for ya.
    A couple of years ago, our house took a direct hit from a skunk. couldn't breathe.
    Don't waste your time OR money on home remedies, etc. Go to the vets pr groomers and get some "Skunk-Off". Not wanting to sound like a commercial, but it did really work.
    Good luck!

  2. OHH NOOOOOOO And the SKUNK is DEAD!! At least you won't have the skunk coming back...that is something they do so at least that is over.