Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-A-Lot may like big butts, but I'm over it.

I mentioned in a previous post that I am no longer the svelte 125-135 lbs I used to be. And I'm over that too.

Time to go back to how I used to eat and give up the fast food. I really don't view fast food as food, more like fuel. Cheap, you know your engine is going to knock, fuel.

I can't fit into any of my clothes. That includes my uniform.

My butt is eating my pants.

Not my butt via

Oh, but that is not even the worst of it. My butt cheeks are chafing. Who knew? Well, now you do. Sorry about that!

It really doesn't matter what I weigh. My body tells me what is acceptable. I have a knee that hurts when the pounds are too much. I don't sleep comfortably when I get too big.  Remember, I am not inundated by television telling what is acceptable. My body knows how much it can handle. And it's telling me, the fat has to go.

I have a few rules I will follow. One of which is, what ever is on my plate the veggie serving size is more than the combination of all other foods. Another rule is, french fries are neither french nor a vegetable, so those are history.

Now here's something you should know. I do not enjoy fruit nor salads. At all.
Well, that's is not compleately true. I like fruit in pies and cookies, just not in the raw. It's too sweet for me.

I started last Saturday. I won't say the word diet, because it's not. It's just going back to the way I used to eat. I won't weigh myself either, until the second Saturday. By then my pants should fit. Not all my pants. But, at least the work pants. That should put me at a good starting point for exercise. Yeah, I hate exercise.

I will start with my usual, yoga. Get my flexibility back and lessen the risk of injury when I start more strenuous stuff.


I don't need luck, I just need to lose the weight!



  1. I just came to the same conclusion this morning! I'm with you on my body telling me rather than media. It is actually, literally impossible for me to weigh what they say is an acceptable weight for my height unless I am dead. I don't know how they figure those things, but they obviously don't into account large boobs or stocky body builds.

    Have fun!

  2. I have to laugh at that. For years, I ran jewelry stores. I used to say women and diamonds are the same. Three women may weigh the same, but some are heavier on top or thick in the middle or just wonky. Diamonds the same! Plus both are more sparkly when polished!