Sunday, May 5, 2013

People just aren't normal around here

It seems as though I see the weirdest stuff on a regular basis.

I really wished hairspray didn't accidentally go off in my purse and ruin my camera.
I also wish a monkey did not get ahold of my other camera.

I do not want my phone to take photos. It's a phone.

So, basically you will have to suffer with found internet photos until the camera makes it to the top of the want list.

Anywhoo.....these are some of the people I saw in the last couple of weeks.

Quasimodo via

Wolfman via

For the sake of factuality, (okay, maybe not a word, but deal with it), Quasimodo was black.

And they were together, trying to cross a busy intersection. I'm not sure who was helping who, but by the time I turned around to offer assistance, they had both made it safely across. Did I mention they were blind?

Found on Ebay

Yes, I in fact saw one of these. But here's the kicker. He was a real live gnome.
If he was five foot I would be shocked and his beard was grey and much longer. I spotted him in downtown Denver doing road construction. I almost fell out of my truck when I saw him.

Last week, I spotted this.


Let's pretend that Arnold here is a viking. As a public service announcement I must warn you not to google sexy male vikings. I did not see one sexy viking, let alone any vikings. What I did see were a lot of naked men holding their "swords".  Anywhooo....this is not what I saw.

My viking looked more like this.....


But mine had a longer beard and possibly a meth addiction. But he did have on the helmet.


  1. People aren't normal... So you fit right in? :)

    Btw, now you made me want to google 'sexy male viking' just to see what you found when you looked. Hah!

  2. Hey! My non-normalness is on the inside. Safely tucked away from the outside world. Strictly for the safety of the general public, I assure you.