Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into The Lion's Den


Okay, now that we have the "cute" out of the way.....

As, you may have realized, I have access to some places most people don't want to see, let alone know they exist.

Case in point.

The first time I went to this location, I didn't know what it was. I just went.

As I pull into the parking lot, I am suddenly on full alert! I'm not scared or nervous, but something is just not sitting right with me. There is nothing about this place that gives you any idea what you are about to walk into.

Now my body is giving me the "flight or fight" signals. WTH?! I haven't even gotten out of my vehicle!

I grab my gear, get out of the vehicle and walk towards the building. It is your typical nondescript brick two story apartment building. I'm still getting the "run like Hell" signals.

The front of the apartment has "decorative" iron gates.

DANGER!!!    via
But, one is propped open.

The sign on the gate reads....

But looks WAY more official than this!


As I walk into the lion's den, the first person I see is a tatooed man on the stairs. I say "Hi!". Show no fear!  Then I hear a voice to my left say, "The office is over here."

Okay, so I get everything sorted out and do my job. Turns out that this is a halfway home for new parolees. Read that as... violent felons all over this damn place.

Hello! I'm a chick! Surrounded by horny bad guys!

NOOOOOO!!!!    via
So, now that I'm in the offices, behind safety glass and an unlocked door, I begin to take a look at some of the men hanging around.

Ummm...Houston, we have a problem.

Some of these men are HOT, HOT, HOTTTTTT! 


I mean, get your panties in a knot, HOTTTTTTT!!!!

So, now I am soooo confused!!!! Now I'm having flight, fight or f*** responses.

I have realized I really need a boyfriend and soon. But I won't dip my toe in this pool.





  1. Don't you hate that? You see a really hot guy that you know might possibly kill you in your sleep and you still almost consider it.

  2. Hot and deadly, an interesting combination for sure!

  3. My bad boy days are over, but damn, it sure was fun!