Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Giant Spiders?

As stated in yesterday's post, my mind runs amok, frequently. I allow it, as my brain makes me laugh at the stuff it comes up with.
Hence this blog.

Anywhoo...animals and spiders seem to be the theme in my life for the last few days. So let's go with it.


I think some spiders are cute as all get out! Others, totally creep me out.

For example:

Brown Recluse via MSU Extension
Close up of "fiddle" via MSU Extension
Not a cute nor cuddly spider, not at all.

Now for me, cuddly, are these spiders.

Space Bar local via

Couldn't you just fall in love with those puppy dog eyes?
Then I imagine, how cool would it be? If they were big enough to walk to the park on a leash. Something bigger than a chihuahua, maybe cocker spaniel sized.

Have you got that picture in your head. Go ahead. Really get the visual of a cocker spaniel sized, fuzzy, cuddly spider. Got it yet?

Now, fortunately for the world, I am not a mad scientist. Because just as I was thinking that would be the coolest thing ever, it dawned on me.

Awww, cute, cuddly, cocker spaniel sized spider could run up the walls and
crawl across the ceiling and just hang there.

R I G H T A B O V E M Y B E D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that seems about right!
So, I scraped that million dollar idea.

Anywhoo.. back to giant spiders. I mean huge, ginormous, monster size spiders.

I was driving home from work and turn on to my road. I can see quite a distance on this road. It has some dips, so cars appear and disappear as you are driving towards them.

In the far distance, I swear I see a giant spider. And no, I don't mean a few inches of spiderness laying in the road. I mean, HUGE!
Even this brain of mine was having trouble keeping up with this vision.
I'm squinting, my neck craned out over the driver's wheel.
I swear to G O D, that thing is moving towards me!!
I blink my eyes, I have to be seeing things, because this is what I thought I saw slowly coming down the road.

Where the Hell is Jim West, when I need him?!  via
That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The freakin' spider from Will Smith's movie Wild West.
Now you say, you are out of your mind. No way did you see the spider from the movie coming down your road. To that I would reply, "You are correct."

This is what it was, really.

I swear it's alot bigger than this!



  1. I'm hoping this is the last post I have to close my eyes through.Those are not cute or cuddly!

  2. Have a friend who decided to buy a tarantula while visiting Arizona. They wouldn't let her board the plane even though it was in a little plastic house. So she goes to the ladies room, takes her arm out of her sweater (long sleeved of course)and puts the tarantula in the sleeve. Her other hand held the opening closed. They go to board again and was questioned about the spider. She said she gave it away. She flew home with that tarantula in her sleeve. The reason for buying it? Her husband is afraid of spiders so he thought he could get over his fear by owning a really huge gigantic spider? I hate snakes and sure as hell am NOT going to get one for a pet!

    1. We lived in Brazil for a couple of years. When we were moving back, we brought our pet tarantula with us. Spread out he was a foot across. Anyway, he made it back to the states to a hotel we were staying in for a few days. Someone saw him and complained about large spiders. They came and sprayed and killed him. Hmmm, I don't remember being afraid of him, but am afraid/ freaked out by any spider--even photos--now.

    2. Amazing how our mind handles it. Until seeing our friend's 'pet' I'd only seen squished ones in Oklahoma.