Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Common Courtesy. Where have you gone?

I personally blame the rise of feminism for this mess.

"We're all equal!"
"Same job same wages."
"Don't treat me differently than a man."
Blah, blah blah.


Well, Gloria Steinem, kiss my ass.

I work with all men with the exception of one other solitary woman. But she's black so she doesn't count. Ha! Just kidding on that one.

Anywhoo, I don't like that when "the big gorilla" is speaking to us as a group, he  feels the need to say, Blah, blah, blah you guys and ladies".

Do Not single me out! Guess what? I know I have girl parts. Everyone else knows I have girl parts. Big efin' deal. I chose this job to support myself knowing that I work in a man's field. At this job, I  am one of the guys. I don't get special treatment because of my vagina.

Holy crow. I am off topic!

This posting is about common courtesy.

My pet peeve is opening doors for others. Please don't misunderstand. I open doors regularly, in uniform or not. My theory behind opening doors while in uniform is this, I work for a huge company. Me, being polite is great Public Relations.


For example:

While opening a door for myself, I look behind me to make sure I am not slamming the door shut on another human being. Even if you are a few paces behind, I will often wait.

If someone appears to be in a bigger hurry than me, I will allow them to enter first or if someone is dressed nice and the weather is inclement.

I expect the same treatment, except for the me being in a bigger rush. Really, who cares.

When someone holds the door open for me, internally I breathe a little sigh of relief, and smile and verbally thank them.

Now here's the rub. WOMEN AND YOUNG GIRLS!

Men will generally thank me. I do understand that some may be uncomfortable with me, a woman holding open a door for them. But it's a  small kindness on my part. If I'm in uniform it's a public service. If I am dress like a normal person, it's just me being nice. Also, when I am dressed normal, I don't stand there like a doorman for a man. It's more like not letting the door slam them in the face.

Okay, now back to the WOMEN AND YOUNG GIRLS!





Anywhoo...I am tired of women not thanking me. It has gotten so bad, that I feel the need to "gently" remind them of their poor upbringing and general lack of manners by saying quiet loudly, "THANK YOU." I then pause and and loudly proclaim, "YOU'RE WELCOME." Yes, slightly rude, I know.

But now it seems that this has all worked up under my skin. Because, just the other day, I was entering a building. A young twenty-ish woman was walking behind me.

This building has the double door entry, a small vestibule, then the next set of double doors into the main lobby.

I opened the first set of doors. She walks in. I walk to the second set of doors.
Now in the span of five or six steps, NO THANK YOU!
So, I stop. I turn around. Go back to the first doors behind her.

I swear to God, she was dumbfounded that I did not open the second set of doors for her. She opens the door and I walk in muttering, who knows what, like a crazy person.

There is no funny ending or twist to this story. Just me railing against bad manners and rudeness.

I open doors, not to give you a sense of superiority. But to offer you a little kindness in this world.

With all that being said, I declare myself as 
Unofficial Official of Politeness and Good Manners.

How I will go about this now is as follows....

I open door. 
If you do not acknowledge this simple courtesy,
 I will stop, 
look you in the eye, 
and ask,
"Excuse me, did you say something?"

Hooboyandhowdy... billions of people on the earth. I have my work cut out for me.




  1. Thank you for this! Rudeness is because no one EVER taught these people manners. Why? Too busy.
    It's time we slowed down, raised our kids (yes--actually RAISE them, not just pop them out) taught them things we used to be taught and maybe the world will be a little nicer. You do indeed have your work cut out for you. Just know that there are others trying too (like me).
    Hubby is always mortified when I say, quite loudly, "You're WELCOME" after I do an un-acknowledged nicety. Ha!

    1. Hi and Welcome, Sue! I do agree with you somewhat. But, I truly believe that people have gotten so self-involved and narcissistic, that other people do not matter to them. Sad, really. Oh, and the husband being mortified, I would pinch his butt next time too! Does he turn red? That would be the icing on the cake!

  2. Maybe it's living in a small town, but I don't often run into this problem. But I am one who always tries to remember to say thank you (always to strangers, most times to family). My kids have a solution for when I forget to say thank you to them. They follow me out and say, "Don't you like how I held the door for you?" or "Wasn't it polite how I held the door for you, Mom?" They are really trying to understand and be praised for their efforts to act like a polite grown-up.

    1. Aw, what a sweet reminder from children! I wonder if that would work for me...especially if I called the woman, Mom.