Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to Make a Mousicle in 25 Easy Steps

Gather these ingredients prior to making Mousicle.
Serving size is one.

5 monkeys
carpet padding
a vacuum
family room
sectional couch
laundry room door
a bed
a job
a mouse
glue boards
Wal-mart plastic bag

You may vary the quantity of the ingredients, but I can not guarantee the same results.

Please remember, "Safety First!"

1. You must own 5 monkeys. I have the hunting variety, but you may select that which you are most comfortable.

2. Go to your job. Leave the monkeys to free ranging the yard and house.

3. Come back home. (Sometimes, that's the tricky part.)

4. Open door to find blue foam all over the family room.

5. Figure out that it is not your missing blue flip flop, but in fact is the padding that belongs under the family room carpeting.


6. Stand for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, wondering "WTH?"

7. Pick up carpet padding and try to piece it back together under the corner of the carpeting the monkeys have dug up.

8. While vacuuming the family room, ponder why you have 5 monkeys.

9. Rearrange family room furniture so this CAN'T happen again.

10. Spot a grey blur streak across the floor and dive under another piece of furniture. (Just a note: You do not need to dive under any furniture until possibly step 11. In this instance, I am referring to the blur.)

11. When the 5 monkeys also spot the blur, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!! (Refer to step 10, if necessary.)

12. Do NOT even bother to round up the monkeys for any sense of calm.

13. Watch the blur become a mouse and run under the laundry room door. (Note: Again I refer to the mouse. Please do not attempt to run under any laundry room doors.)


14. Show the monkeys where the mouse went, then watch them ignore you because they are hunting monkeys and you don't know diddly about hunting mice.

15. Go to bed and forget to set the mouse traps.

16. In the morning, lock up all the monkeys. You do not want to repeat steps 1 through 15.

18. When you come home from work, constantly remind yourself to set traps.

19. Just before bed, lock up monkeys and set traps.

20. The next morning, conveniently forget that you placed mouse glue boards in family room.

21. Next, look for your largest monkey. Mine is Snoopy.

22. Try not to laugh yourself to death as you try to call him or her over to you.

23. At this stage your Mousicle should resemble this: mouse on center of glue board, glue board stuck to Snoopy's chin, where he can smell the mouse but can't eat it.

24. Pull glue board off your monkeys chin.

25. Place mousified glue board in a Wal-mart plastic bag, place in freezer.


And that is how you make a Mousicle!

Patent Pending, Copyrighted, and all that jazz....not!
I'm not sure where you could Pinterest this, Helpful Household Hints?

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  1. Too funny! I wish you'd gotten a picture. I noticed you couldn't find one online. Thanks for the visual, though.