Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sugar Coated Monkey

This was not a good weekend for me....AT ALL.
I suspect, Tuesday I will have to plead for my job. But that is a story for later in the week.

This weekend I expanded the monkey's fenced area and added something they absolutely love.

The expansion was not as large as I had hoped. I ran out of motivation and crucial supplies. But what was completed, the monkeys love.

They now have a play sand pit to play in. I didn't build that. But the expansion included it, so YAY!!

I bought them a kiddie pool and a sprinkler. I may have to buy a second pool as some don't wish to share.

Stargazer Lily via

The star of this story is Lily, full name, Princess Lily Bear. She is a Black Mouth Cur and I suspect Golden Retriever mix. She is a pretty little girl. Curious, stubborn, and a leader. I won't mention the pain in my patootie part.

Lily is a water dog. She will get in the pool and stretch out on her tummy. She bites at the waves and is great entertainment. Especially when she tries to roll to her back in the water. Then she will jump out of the pool and shake off the excess water.

Now, at first she would find the nearest bare spot in the grass and roll around grunting and groaning. Sheer pleasure for her. But now she has discovered the sand pit.

She couldn't be happier!! She runs to the sand pit and rolls like there is no tomorrow.

When she gets out she looks like she is covered in sugar, sweet as pie.

Evil Snow Queen via

Or the evil Snow Queen, which is somehow more her style.


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