Thursday, May 9, 2013

Have Dandelions?

Since I live in the middle of acres and acres of fields, I have tons surrounding me!


And since I want to learn to can and don't want to waste money or food learning. I am going to gather a ton of these and make jelly.

Pashaw, you say!

No, Really, No Joke!!!

I found this recipe and I'm going to try it!

Here's a recipe.

Here's another recipe.


  1. I've heard it tastes a bit like honey. My kids keep asking me to make it. Dandelions just come at a time when there are so may other things to be doing. Make sure to report back on how it goes.

  2. Well, I kinda panicked as on my way up my drive I did not see any dandelions.Then I peered closer and see that they are being quickly overtaken by the ?hay? Meaning I will have to wade through the green to get to the gold. I am eager to try this. Hoping this weekend!

    1. The other day we pulled into a Walmart parking lot. My youngest exclaimed, "Look at that beautiful dandelion garden!" One of the grassy medians was completely yellow. It was kinda pretty. Just an idea for you if you can't find enough in your hay field. :)