Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vacation Seaside in Sunny Colorado

Do you remember the night I saw a mermaid, here in Colorado?

Not long after that I saw a seagull.

Only problem is I don't live here.


I live some where around here.

So, I was somewhat surprised when I saw this.

Because, remember, I live somewhere around here.

Did you notice the surprising lack of...
An ocean?
Yeah! Me too!!

So at 6:01 am on Tuesday, I saw a pelican near my home.

What's A Chick to do?!

I pondered calling the Wildlife and Game Commission,
 as this has got to be the furthest inland a pelican has ever flown!
And I saw it!!

All day, I thought about that pelican and about the seagull I saw a few weeks ago.

Then I saw this.

A white pelican, two white doves, what was next?

Well, I'll be a monkey's momma, if this isn't what I saw!

Another seagull!!!

That did it!
I called my friend up.

I said, "Hey, Jeffafa! You will never believe what I saw today!"
"A pelican!"

He says, "So."

Really was not the reaction I was expecting.

I was all ready to call the Wildlife Fish and Game Commission to report a white pelican and well, they kind live down the road from me, year round.

Who knew?!