Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Spiders and spiderlings

If you haven't figured out by now, my mind creates weirdness out of most everything. I see the most common of items and my brain decides that it is from some fantastical otherworldly dimension. Today, let us just stick with spiders.

I see you, even when you don't see me     via

It seems like Colorado is the capitol of the spider universe.

I do not like spiders. I do understand their role in the natural world.
However, I do not enjoy them in my home.

Did I mention that I think spiders are kinda cool? Yes, I am aware of the direct opposition of the earlier sentence. But hear me out.

Spiders inside...not cool.
Spiders outside...cool.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as...well, I dunno. Maybe, someone or something knocked down my mailbox, post and all. I have to fix it or I don't get my mail. Kinda sucks, because I get cool stuff in my mailbox. Bills go to my email, so email sucks. But, I digress.

I go out to fix my mail box and under the plate that attaches the box to the post, I find a bunch of stuff that looks like cotton balls. Aww, crap I know what this is! Freakin' spider stuff, webbing, nesting, dead insects, general grossness.

Then the little beastie appears.

Say Hello, to my little friend.   via
It's just a common jumping spider. But this beastie is not allowed to touch me without two weeks prior advance written notification. She claimed she mailed the notification and was just waiting for the postman to deliver said notification. It does seem plausible, as my mailbox has been lying on the ground for a couple weeks. But as the "check may be in the mail", as it is not in the bank.  It doesn't count. Now, does it?

Needless to say, that the mailbox is still on the ground.

Not my mailbox, but looks alot like my 'hood!  via



  1. I'm with you with one exception. Snakes are only cool in pictures or behind glass in a zoo. I'm fascinated by their beauty and terrified by their presence. Spider, however, are terrifying little demon-creatures. Even your photos had to be quickly scrolled through. Thanks for giving me the creeps this morning.


    1). If spider is smaller than foot-no problem.

    2). If spider is heckling you from the ceiling- grab the vacuum and attach wand. See spider run.

    3). If foot/ vacuum is smaller than spider- run like hell in the oposite direction

  3. Oh, you guys! Just wait until tomorrows post! HA!