Friday, May 24, 2013

My New Boyfriend

So, just yesterday, I was lamenting that I need a boyfriend. Guess what? I got one now!

Okay, everyone always asks, "Aww, how did you meet?" So I will tell you all about it!

I meet him today while I was working at his family home.

His mother greets me at the door, and there he stands a little to the left of her, just behind. Holy cow! He throws me a killer smile!

I don't get all flustered, because, I mean, seriously, where could this possibly go?

As I am doing what I do, he approaches me from behind and checks out my tools. I turn and smile and say, "Hi!" He says, "Hi!" Smiles and backs away from me just a bit.

You know that feeling when you just know someone is really into you? Well, I was getting that signal B I G T I M E !

Now before I tell you the rest of the story, I will tell you of the phone call that I made to my son about my new boyfriend.

Hi Sugarpoo! I got a new boyfriend!
He's kinda short, kinda chubby.

My boy says, "Okay."

Did I tell you he is Mexican?


Oh, and he's missing a couple teeth.


So now back to my new chubby, little hunk!

He is watching everything I do, with such admiration and curiosity. I turn and smile and he gives me that big grin of his.

I see that he is a little in awe of me and maybe just a touch shy. So, now I need to make the first move.

So I say, "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

He about burst out of his skin and yells, "Y E S!"

His older sister is about to die from laughter. And his mother is asking what was said as she only speaks Spanish. He daughter tells her and the mother bursts out laughing.

Now sadly, I'm afraid that this relationship with be short lived. After all, he is young enough to be my son. He will find someone younger than me and possibly she will have dimples and love to play at the playground. But I have to tell ya, a six year old boy's love is hard to beat.




  1. Sweet! As a grandma of a four year old, I gotta say--they are the cutest things ever-so funny and honest. What happens to them later on is what confuses me.........LOL!